2023 Zhembrovskyy Ballet Dance Fitness

Zhembrovskyy Summer performance


Wonderful event where the students show their talent

Zhembrovskyy Ballet Dance Fitness school celebrates another joyful year of dance with the annual summer performance.

Zhembrovskyy is a unique school that focuses on top quality, ambition and results. Our school is aimed at providing students the premier training to achieve their full potential and wellbeing. Zhembrovskyy aims to provide training opportunities to movers from all steps of life.

The idea of the school is to introduce people of all ages and living conditions to a recreational hobby with which they can not only discover their artistic possibilities, but also help them to become fit and healthy. Our wide range of lessons reflects this philosophy.

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€ 21,00
Ticketprijzen incl. € 1 transactiekosten.

Cast & Info

Duur Circa 145 minuten incl. pauze